Jawa Party Member




Tili used to live on Tattooine with her family, but their sand crawler exploded due to a mechanical failure. Luckily for her, she was out collecting scraps and survived, but the rest of her family was killed. Later, it was discovered that the explosion was caused by a hasty repair that she had done earlier that week. Driven out of the main clan for her failure, she now hitch-hikes and stows away across the galaxy far, far away, in search of a new purpose and a place to belong.

Mistrusting of everyone, she is not quick to make friends, but is fiercely loyal to those she aligns herself with. She is highly dexterous, due to her small size and skill with mechanics, much improved since her family’s death. Her thinking seems to be more child-like than most, but she understands much more than she lets on.

For communication purposes, Tili created a small translator droid. It is about the size of a grapefruit and hovers around her when being used. She often stows it in one of her voluminous sleeves.


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